Back in the studio

Hi friends - I've missed you all.

This summer was full of change. We've all been going through it - one way or another. Sometimes all you can do is ride the waves and let it pass. Other times we lean in, and take a deeper dive. For me, I moved to Michigan, traveled most of the summer, and have been taking time to work through some deep shit.  


Taking a break from Vincetta's digital space for a few weeks helped in me reconnecting with myself and having time to explore.

Mental Health and Sustainability aren't trending topics around here - they are the basis for all of the work we do. While fashion is an integral part of self expression, consumption has increased 2x in the past decade. You can see an example of industry waste here.

There is so much more to it than that and I'm exploring  other ways we define "new-ness" and community building in a way that is more well aligned and sustainable.With social media, comes so  what brings substance and validation to this life outside of the dig

As we approach Fall, I'm finally getting settled in Detroit, tip-toeing back into production, and moving into new areas of interest for myself as a creator and as the founder/designer behind this brand.

I'm sure you've noticed, I haven't been as hands on this year with social media or with these mailers. Taking a step back is allowing me to better delegate as a founder, but also provides the space needed to see the bigger picture of where I'd like to go. I'm nervous but excited to take you on the journey with me.

What to expect this season:

+ The launch of our Patreon which will include educational/introspective prompts  and short reads, exclusive access to discounts + early access to new drops, and more.

+ Releasing new limited run drops each month.

+ Restocking sold out sizes on core styles.

With love,

The Vincetta Studio Team

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