Clothing Drive in partnership with Tender

Accepting Donations for a Clothing Drive in partnership with Tender




As you may already know, I've been working closely with Tender for nearly a year now. They are an organization supporting single mothers in Atlanta with rent and bill assistance, diapers, groceries, etc. They are in the midst of planning a FREE Community Shop for their mums. These women work hard to take care of their families, let's find some ways we can take care of them too.



I will be arranging shipment to Tender by Mid-February. You will receive credit for any Vincetta item you donate.

Please email to arrange your donation.

Hoping we can get a couple of people within Vincetta's community to participate. I think this is a GREAT opportunity to clean out your wardrobe and give these items directly to people that will give 


*When we give our phased clothing directly to people, the chances of expanding the life cycle of that item increases ten fold. Most of the items we donate to GoodWill, Salvation Army, Etc. end up in a landfill due to the high volume of items they receive - so most of this never reaches the people that could benefit from it.


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