Comfort: Ryan + Paula Lopes

The idea of slowing down, taking back a sense of agency, and being present with the self and loved ones brings on a sense of ease and comfort - that lies beyond anything that clothing can provide.

Our wonderful friend Ryan and his mum, Paula, explored comfort through a beautiful series of photos that we're excited to share.

What brings you comfort and a sense of grounding when life speeds up?

Spending time together, primarily. We’re very active at home, whether cooking, cleaning and having a family member(s) over almost always. Nothing else really matters when we have the company of each other, which is something my mother has always practiced.

In what ways have your surroundings / life experiences shaped you?

I think being present in every moment has shaped all of the pride, faith, courage, love and support that we have for each other and as a family entirely. We’ve always lived near each other. My mother has been my greatest supporter and highest devotee in anything that I chose to explore, present and hold near.


How do you check in with yourself / each other?

Taking time to understand, one another, our space and how we can help each other be at our best. I believe that is what my mother has always conditioned our family to be and to know that checking in is a constant. Helping one another is constant and overall, the love we have for each other is constant. Some of our most cherished ways to check in is to spend time and reshape our influence as a family.

Cast: Ryan Lopes & Paula Lopes-Ferreira
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