Creator Feature : Elijah Cyrus

Elijah Elijah. You beautiful human. It's simple...They're unapologetically themselves. Boxes aren't for Elijah, they're doing their own thing on their own time. 

Of course, we're all getting to know ourselves, but there is something about them that exudes a deep understanding of who they are and who they want to be. This is someone who will clearly become a friend because they're a lot of fun and gorgeous and funny.

They have solid taste but don't take fashion too seriously, which is something I think we stand to learn more about. It's an inspiration to see people stand firm in themselves with an ability to move so fluidly. We're proud to feature you Elijah! We see you and look forward to exploring more ways of collaborating in the future.

Elijah is wearing the Linen Jacket in size 4X and the Linen Pant in size 3X in the Olivenite color. 

Watch their short film here.

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