Creator Feature : Hubert Yang

My name is Hubert Yang. I'm based in Taipei and am a 26 year old freelance photographer and stylist for womenswear brands. I prefer listening over talking.  I like to meditate and be at peace with myself.
What inspires me the most, I would say, are the small details in daily life. It can be simply the light on the branches and leaves. I feel calm just staring at that lively and quiet moment - discovering purity in daily life.I studied fashion design at university. Back then, I had no idea I would get into photography in the future. I worked for a womenswear brand for five or six years. The founder of the brand encouraged me to try photography and suggested I could get more serious about it. That's how it all started.
About life, lately I try to keep mindfulness and focus on good vibrations, looking for mental clarity. Be conscious of my every thought and behavior. Sometimes when people tell me they feel calm from my work, that's the greatest compliment for me. I am so happy to know they can feel peaceful with the images I create.
I look to do things where my mental and physical state feel connected with the natural. I also love yoga. Through concentrating on breathing helps me to connect to myself.  Comfort comes from the search for that inner peace. Staying with my loved ones. Exploring spirituality and inner peace. 

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