Creator Feature : Roxana

Roxana Kadyrova - Creation through film, photography, and collage.  A friend and collaborator.

Moscow Raised, New York Based.

Written by : Deanna Ansara


There is always more than what meets the eye and we are all healing from something - those are two things that come to mind when I think of her work. 

Born into a Russian Jewish family, and now residing in Brooklyn, NY - Roxana has endured life with incredible strength and compassion. She is such a gentle soul and creator who creates with a lens of empathy and humanity. The images Roxana captures beautiful and haunting -  a visual representation of the complexities and vulnerabilities to being human.

The process that comes before the image is as equally special. Her mind processes information, emotion, and whoever she is shooting in that moment in a way that cuts right through all the bullshit and sees right through to their core. You can see it isn't about perfection, it's about reaching something real, seeing the truth (and in our opinion, we need way more of that in this world). 

When Roxana captured me over the summer on the beach, it was an emotional experience and healing on so many levels. She made me feel held, safe, seen -- and because of this, I was able to expand my sense of vulnerability and exposure to the parts of myself that I still keep so tucked away.

Healing is a life long practice - being so connected with yourself and those around you deepens your experience while on this earth. It is evident in every conversation and shared story, hug, glance -- I guess the simplest way to put it is that you feel so seen that it could nearly bring you to tears. 

She is a rare being and I am grateful to have her in my life. We are grateful to have had her create these double exposure images of herself in Vincetta. 

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