Creator Feature : Winston Nguyen

Winston Nguyen - Icon. Creator. A non binary angel celebrating androgynous minimalism - and we dig every second of it.

Written by : Deanna Ansara


Winston is proof that less is in fact, more. There is a level of integrity and embodiment of fluidity that they carry with them that drew us to their work in the first place. From the first time we caught a glimpse at Winston’s world, we were keen on collaborating with them. They are grounded, move at their own pace, and create content that is so soothing and human. Everything from the pieces they select, to the way they style, to the way they carry themselves is lovely. 

Great taste in music, great taste in brands (ahem), and such a lovely way about how they move and interact with their space. When we think of clothing, it’s less about aesthetic or look and more about how it feels. Winston embodies wearing pieces that make them feel good and align with who they are. It becomes less about the actual garment and more about the person wearing it.

Our first featured piece with Winston nearly a year ago, was the crop trouser (still part of the permanent collection which will be restocked in April). We’re stoked to be featuring them in our first creator feature of the year and hope you enjoy their short film as much as we do. Check out the full film on Instagram.





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