Lyn | 08.2018

Age: 65
Location: NYC
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Your one most unexpected skill/trade: Social Media Queen
What will always put a smile on your face?: My granddaughter


Style & Personality

What man or woman inspires you and your style the most?: Tilda Swinton
So you slept past your alarm, have 10 minutes to get ready for work, and you forgot you made happy hour plans after work you can't get out of. What do you wear? Jeans, a silk shirt, huge statement earrings and heels.
Tell us your aesthetic in five words or less (juxtapositions always welcome). Evolving, experimental 

Mental Health

Favorite & least favorite part of your body and why? Love my shoulders, they just have a lovely shape and my least is my ankles because they have always been a little thick and limit the styles of shoes I can wear.
When is a time where you felt most challenged in life, but you found a way to push through? There were multiple times as I have worked as a social worker and have always found challenges in being able to get the women and girls I worked with what they needed. 
What are your thoughts on the stigmas out there regarding mental health and body positivity? 
We know now that one of the things that causes mental health problems is stress and the impact of stress on the brain. When people compare themselves to a standard and find themselves lacking this creates stress which in turn can create anxiety and depression. This is a complex question that goes well beyond mental health because it is also created by structural issues around access to resources and systems that are in place to keep social control categories in place as well.

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