Miah | 06.2018

Age: 22
Location: Brooklyn,NY
Sign: Taurus 
Your one most unexpected skill/trade: Besides fashion an unexpected skill/ Trade would be that I know how to cook/bake very well!
What will always put a smile on your face?: Cheese, Art, Paris and A beautiful sunny day 


Style and Personality:

What man or woman inspires you and your style most?: Besides my parents being the most inspirational and supportive people in my life, my inspiration comes from many other artists. Such as my favorite magazine (REVS), street fashion and great designers like Christopher Kane. There are so many to choose from that it is too hard to pick one. 

So you slept past your alarm, have 10 minutes to get ready for work, and you forgot you made happy hour plans after work that you really can't get out of.  What do you wear?: Trousers, a type of chunky heels, and nice oversize top and edgy blazer. 

Tell us your aesthetic in five words or less (juxtapositions always welcome): Edgy/Clean/Industrial/Classic/Rustic 


Mental Health:

Favorite & least favorite part of your body and why?: My favorite part of my body is my freckles and cheekbones. My least favorite part of my body is my curves. 

When is a time where you felt most challenged in life, but you found a way to push through?: I have found myself in many challenges in life, especially at a young age. I am at the point of my life where I am learning the most about myself and the decision I make determine a lot future. I have recently let go of many of things that I found myself caught in. I cared what people thought, I cared too much for things and people when they didn’t care for me. Life was so good at the time and I still found my unhappy. It didn’t matter what I had or who cared for me things just weren’t they way they should be. So one day I got tired of everything and let it go. I gave it to God and relived that my faith and spirituality was more important than these things that are only temporary. Now Im careful what I put my energy into and what I spend my time on, I am so much happier now. 

What are your thoughts on the stigma's out there regarding mental health and body positivity? The human body is so unique.  Our minds were trained differently and every one of us have a unique thought process and a way we view things. I can be dangerous but it all goes back to experiences and how we were raised as children. If you can remember a time in your lives where something dramatic took place or something that changed your perspective at the time, then it just might be tied to what makes you who you are today. It can be something as simple as being scared of the dark and a light being turned off or an extreme such as a car accident. In many cases we can simply be born this way as well. But some of these personal experiences may lead to how our brain functions today wether we might be a creative, have anxiety, be left brained or have depression.

There are many stigmas out there against mental health and body positivity. Me being someone who deals with depression, anxiety and being the queen of over thinking. Facing these challenges are normal and there is nothing wrong with dealing with mental Illness. It’s what makes us who we are and how we find ourselves as people. It is so frowned upon to be different and unique yet these circumstances still reminds us that we are only human and we need each other and need to invest in ourselves. I believed these issues can be tied to a right brained person and their creativity and how they react. Not all situations are the same but from my circumstances it happens to be the case for me. I can think of many experience that have lead me to deal with so many mental health challenges. We all have issues wether want to face them or not. Each situation is circumstantial and would have to be based on our own healthy choices in life. But we all have emotions and some of us need to invest into it more than others, such as myself. I believe it is important for not only me but everyone to invest into our emotions and figure out who we are and what we need.

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