Robin | 06.2018

Age: 32
Location: Brooklyn
Sign: Scorpio
Your one most unexpected skill/trade: Ability to recite lyrics after hearing a song once or twice (it hasn't served me at all).
What will always put a smile on your face?: My dog, Lola, and animals in general.


Style and Personality:

What man or woman inspires you and your style most? It's impossible to name one person but people like Georgia O'Keefe, Andre Leon Talley, Joan Didion, and my always put-together grandfather, who inspire me to focus on simplicity and being comfortable embracing a style that's my own. My more modern-day style heroes include Jesse Kamm, Lisa Buhler of Lisa Says Gah, Kai Avent-deLeon of Sincerely Tommy, and the countless women who embrace their own style and are just themselves. Cool, self-assured women are an endless source of inspiration for me.  

So you slept past your alarm, have 10 minutes to get ready for work, and you forgot you made happy hour plans after work that you really can't get out of. What do you wear? A blazer, white t-shirt or blouse, and Levi's. Does the trick every time.

Tell us your aesthetic in five words or less (juxtapositions always welcome). A sort-of minimalist who loves neutrals with pops of unexpected color. There's nothing I love more than an awkward color combination.

Mental Health:

Favorite & least favorite part of your body and why? My boobs. I have a smaller frame and larger chest and the insecurity surrounding that has followed me for years. At the same time, it's such a feminine and natural part of my body and therefore a big part of who I am as an individual and as a female. Needless to say, it's complicated.

When is a time where you felt most challenged in life, but you found a way to push through? I struggled with anorexia in high school and learned a lesson about mental health that I'm reminded of daily: When it comes to overcoming any challenge in your life, no one can do the work for you – only you can do it, and only when you're truly ready. I went to therapists and nutritionists for years but the only thing that changed my mind was when I started comparing my body to the more athletic girls. I decided to try out for cheerleading (spoiler alert: I didn't make it) and while I was training I saw my lifeless-looking body in the mirror compared to the strong, healthy bodies around me. I decided I valued strength more than skinniness and that's something I continue to focus on now – physical and mental strength, regardless of your natural body size or mental health. An abundance of health and strength rather than deprivation. It's something we can all strive toward.

What are your thoughts on the stigma's out there regarding mental health and body positivity? We have such a long way to go. It's improved in recent years, but people are still shy to speak about their mental health issues. I try to be as vocal as possible for that reason. In terms of body positivity, I think platforms like Instagram help us to see and value people from all different backgrounds but it's also created another place where we compare ourselves and our bodies to others. This year I'm trying to make myself pick up a book if I start to feel myself pulled into that insane social media swirl that makes you feel like a worthless zombie. A good book can always help you to reset and get your mind in order.

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