Date : April 17, 2021 (Updated May 3, 2021)

Vincetta's Photo Series Recap

Featuring our recent submissions below. If you missed out, we'll be accepting submissions again soon and would love to hear from you.

The intention with this project is to provide space for people to feel safe, seen, and heard - encouraging a deeper level of connection with the self. We are re-defining standards of beauty and luxury while exploring what it means to be a human being in a world of hyper capitalism and conformity. 



Vincetta is a brand that I can trust and feel vulnerable with but yet feel completely protected and taken care of. I know that when I shop with Deanna, that my size is not going to reflect how the clothes will lay on my skin nor how I'm treated. Vincetta's pieces give me confidence; the delicate fabrics feel sexy and that's how I project myself when I'm wearing them. Nothing can compare to the feeling you get when you know you look good and that's what Vincetta does. It's effortless, it's classic, and would be an understatement of how good it feels to slip into something from Vincetta's collections. 

Brittany Mileo wears The Sheer Pleated Top.



I feel most grounded when I am at home bike riding in the Summer with my family. When I'm not collaborating with other creatives on set, I am often throwing a solo dance party, reading, or learning to rollerskate. I connect with the Vincetta brand because the clothing is all about inclusivity and connection with self. As a growing visual artist, vulnerability is one of the most important parts of my creative process. 

Tatiana is wearing Linen Trouser in Bone Linen and Archive Vincetta.



I feel most grounded when I'm playing and creating in different formats. I'm learning to find satisfaction in producing something that I like, even though I still crave that external validation. Clothing has been an ongoing outlet for me to create freely, and I go back to putting together outfits when I feel stuck.

Connie Chen wears The Sheer Pleated Top.



I feel the deepest connection with myself when I'm taking care of my mental & physical self, pushing myself creatively, and intentionally surrounding myself with people, objects, and energies that inspire me.

I truly admire Vincetta's approach to creating thoughtfully designed pieces made to be worn for years and evolve with you over time.

Brooke Lindstrom wears The Pleated Shell Top.



I am drawn to the way Vincetta foregrounds their values and the sense of style pared back to its core. The intersection of the what and the why.
Just when I thought I had come to a deep understanding of who I am, a comfort in the life I live, the world shut down. And then I had a baby. My sense of self erupted and melted and reformed a dozen times in the past year. My home became a space of chaos. A workplace. A prison. A safe haven. So much is written about how to be your own person in motherhood. But for now I am not my own, I am hers. My body is hers. My space is hers. My mind is hers. Who I will be when I emerge from this phase of life is a mystery. How terrifying. How freeing.

Nora is wearing Notch Jacket in Plaid which is sold out. Shop it in Black and Semolina



My name is Roxana, I am an actor, though in the past year I discovered that I like to be on the other side of the camera as much (or possibly more?). I love photography because it makes you see things (myself included) as they truly are. 
Vincetta feels the way bare skin feels. Tender, vulnerable and alive.

Roxana is wearing the archived Willow Pant.



It’s easy to do nothing. It’s easier to take what you are “given” and be inactive, especially when you have past trauma. You’re trying to sort out who you are and also unpack who you could be. It’s familiar, almost cliche, but I acknowledge that parts of myself can be hopeful and still hesitant and sad from past experience. My past trauma involves my family and sorting out my identity from who I was made to be then is expressed in the choices I make now. In a way, clothing and the fashion industry are a measurement of how much we value certain people. If I say I value all people equally, how can I continue in the same practices of overconsumption that underpays workers, or only uses certain sized or gendered models.I don’t think those drives belong in different spaces either. The same desire to be safe and make happiness for yourself spills over into comfort for friends and hopefully, eventually the rest of the world.



 I connect with Vincetta through our shared  passion for truth, beauty, and the constant co-creation of a more harmonious and equitable future.

I feel most grounded when I slow down, tuning into my breath and checking in with the subtle vibrations of my body. Am I present? Can I feel myself here now? HumMmMm... yes.

I hold gratitude for this moment, for D, and for my sense of optimism! Which I can feel myself weaving into all the stories that I create :) 



I feel most grounded when my work and my sense of self are in dialogue. That is, I no longer differentiate between a love for objects and materials and a reverence for self. The ways that I reflect on my space are also reflected in how I move through space, what I choose to put on/in my body, what intimacy I create on a daily basis. As a woman who just turned fifty-five, I am happy to constantly discover new aspects on myself tucked away in the folds of my existence. Vincetta Studio's vision of creating pieces that allow for nonjudgemental mirroring and ease makes the layers of my life more transparent and in turn, real.

Abigail Doan wears The Mock Neck Dress in Black.



Why Vincetta is in my essential wardrobe: I am always considering the intentionality of the decisions I make. My pieces from Vincetta have come with me on adventures in cities around the world, and have been worn in my make-shift remote office.

They are what I wear to my studio.
They are what I wear on a first date.
They are what I wear at home when no one is looking, and it’s just me after a long day.

I hold a space for these garments when I make decisions about what is really serving me in my life. When I am wearing Vincetta, I can walk the line between comfort and style, masculine and feminine, familiarity and discovery: the current version of myself and who I am becoming.

Sam wears Archived Vincetta.



Vincetta brings me joy. Fatphobia in fashion has meant I've spent a lifetime of working with the limitations of brand offerings, and it's a breath of fresh air to find luxury, sustainable pieces made to celebrate my body. 
Jackie is wearing Custom Mock Neck Dress (Sold out), T Dress (Sold out), & the Pleated Shell Top. 

One of the things that I’ve grown to value over the last year is intention. Intention in the the way I lead myself, in the way that I spend my time, in the way that I interact with others, and with the space that I cultivate. I discovered Vincetta when it was shared on someone’s story, and one of the first things that drew me in was how every garment and every message feels so intentional.

I hold gratitude for…
The space I’ve created and find comfort in, days spent outside with sunshine on my skin, the people who share with me their space and companionship and my body that supports and cares for me — even during the times it feels difficult to be kind to it. I’m grateful for the world I’ve carved for myself and the aspects that make it my own.

Becca wears The Sleeveless T-Neck



I love seeing how I mentally respond to colors and how it's shifted over the years. I had a phase where I wore only white. I had a short-lived olive green moment. For the past three or four years though, yellow and warm tones have really struck me. After going through feelings of depression, anxiety, and other bouts of life, I've needed that extra burst of bright color. My brain registers yellow, and now orange, as mood boosters. I feel the all white and muted tones, in my dressing and creative work, reflected my avoidance of my own feelings and happiness. Colors have such an impact on us and I'm happy my brain is allowing them into my life. In a weird way, yellow has affected me like a session of therapy or a random person complimenting my outfit. I know those two things are very different, but they both give me serotonin in some way.

I connect with Vincetta because I am not the role model of capitalist consumption. I've thrifted for years, I hold onto clothing and shoes until they are literally unrepairable, and I've recently started investing in items that I know will last years and years to come. I also adore Deanna's passion for speaking on what sustainability REALLY is, while also shedding light on the importance of mental health. (Sorry, I know it said two sentences, but....)

Kristin is wearing Archive Vincetta.  



I define myself by my laughter, my joy and my fortitude. I am impetuous, and moody, and fiercely loyal, like I will cut a bitch if you fuck with my friends. I’ve never been the prettiest or the nicest, but gosh darn it I will always be the kindest. Wearing Vincetta makes me feel cooler and more effortless than I’ve ever been in real life, it’s like my little fashion disguise, but that’s what fashion is for isn’t it?

Ava Mattox wears Organic Cotton Blazer.



My name is Jen. I’m a mental healthcare provider by day, a mother 24/7, and a body acceptance advocate for anyone who’s in the space to listen.

I feel the most grounded when I’m in tune with my needs. Some days that looks like plenty of rest, others it means connecting deeply with the people around me and with the movement of my body. I feel present when I’m eating (pizza, preferably), playing with my daughter, and wearing clothes that feel good against my skin. I feel authentic when I can express myself fully (a work in progress) and capture myself through the camera lens. At all angles. With lots of self-compassion.

I connect with Vincetta because their pieces exude the blend of strength and softness that I try to embody myself. They create clothing that is considerate of the planet, of garment workers, and of fat bodies like mine.

Jennifer wears the Sleeveless T neck.

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