Sheer Silk Shell


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PRE-ORDER NOW OPEN FOR THIS PIECE. Since this is a limited dead-stock fabric, we'll cap the first round of pre-orders at 10 pieces. 


D (me) is wearing the Size 1. This is not made to be a fitted piece. 

  • Size 1 - XS - M
  • Size 2 - L - XL
  • Size 3 - XL / 2X

*Due to the width of the material, we are unable to provide larger than a 3X in this particular fabric but hope to source more options in coming months! If you would like to custom order this, I will source other material options for you*


  • Dead-stock crinkled silk, sourced in NYC. 
  • Lightweight with a natural stretch. 
  • Silk has gotten wildly expensive over the years. Its price increased by 30% in 2017 and has only continued to go up. Because of this, we've avoided making pieces with it. So happy to more accessibly  incorporate silk again with this dead-stock I sourced during my last trip to NY.  
  • For folks with chronic pain or autoimmune flare-ups, its lovely on the body because its non-abrasive and won't cause any pressure or compression.
  • Also lovely for folks who like to feel like they're wearing nothing :) 


  • Limited Run Style Exclusive to Vincetta


  • Save yourself some time and do this piece a solid, wash only if absolutely necessary. Spot clean and hand wash preferred. Lay flat to dry.



Cut & Sew : $30.00 [takes approx. 1 hour to make]

Fabric : $6.00/yd [OG : $12/yd]  Yield : 1.5 Yards @ $6/yd = $9.50

Shipping fabric to Kaveata + production back to us = $5.00

Packaging, Labels, Thread, Etc. = $3.00

Total Cost = $47.50 + 10% [what can and will go wrong cushion] = $52.25

How we arrive at the final price:

$52.25 x *2.8 = $156.75

*This mark-up covers general business expenses and is below industry standard. It allows Vincetta to pay ethical wages, sustain, and collaborate with any future photographers / creators, etc. *

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