Where we make.

Vincetta clothing is made with integrity, by people who have integrity. 
-Aldus Studios in New York City.  This company has family owned for over a decade. I've personally worked with Erisa, the founder, since 2015. Everything is cut and sewn in their production room in New York City's Garment District. If there is ever an issue or a set back in production, she is on top of it.  
-Independent Sewer, Kaveata in Long Island.  If you own any of our knit styles, it has most likely touched the hands of this angel. So much I can say about Kavita.  She is kind, creative, resourceful, and has a devotion for her work that is admirable.  We met through a mutual friend in summer of 2017 and although we've only known each other for a short while, it feels like it's been ages.  We talk on the phone catching one another up on our lives.  She has an attention to detail and work ethic that is unmatched for someone that is a one woman show. We have a simple process.  I send her the fabric, labels, trims, threads, and patterns.  She cuts, sews, ships.  I pay her.  My hope for Kavita is that she can continue growing her business and become financially independent so she can continue to invest in herself and her future.  This woman's story is incredible and I hope, with her permission, one day I will have the honor of sharing it. 

How we make.

Nearly 90% of all Vincetta pieces are made of up-cycled materials, but when we're not using deadstock, we try to ensure the fabric is made of natural fibers and uses a clean production process.  Most fabric waste is recycled with Fabscrap, a fabric recycling service based in New York City.
Deadstock Fabric + Trims. These are materials are the waste created from the fashion industry.  Companies tend to order more than they need, constantly over producing. So, that company sells their overproduced fabric to a third party vendor.  That's where I come in.  I go to these massive warehouses filled with piles and rows and shelves of excess fabric and find materials for you.
The two vendors are : J. Lefkovitz in New York City and Ragfinders in LA.
Organic Cotton Hemp Knit. I began using this weight in Fall 2018, launching it with the t-neck and gallerie dress.  You all loved it, so I've made it a staple every fall since. The weight and structure of the fabric is great for year round wear. This is with a vendor called Hemp Traders, who is based in LA, but makes their goods in Asia.