Black tee - bleached out cyanotype


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Abstract cyanotype and bleached out combination on cotton tee. First, we bleached out the front section, layered it with cyanotype, tjhen manipulated the shape with a sheet of glass while exposing it in the sun. 


To commission a piece with this technique that is specific to your measurements or to a garment you already own, reach out :

Size : Fits S - M


Suggested care : Spot clean only when necessary - it's better for the piece and allows it to age in a way that's specific to you. All pieces in this series are one of one made using only found and pre-existing materials, sourced between LA and Detroit. Cyanotypes were created and processed in studio, then exposed in sunlight. 

Pieces are made using found textiles and garments. All wear / characteristics are unique to the original garment. 

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