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Sheer Pleated Top


This limited edition piece features a features a high neck, french seams, and exaggerated long sleeves. Made in NYC of Deadstock Fabric. Elizabeth is wearing the size XS/S.

Email to consult on sizing/fit. 

      • Always hang or lay flat between wears.  Give the garment 2-3 days of rest between each wear to increase the lifespan of this piece. 
      • Save yourself some time and do this piece a solid, wash only if absolutely necessary. Why? It’ll help your clothes last longer and it’s kinder to mother earth. 
      • Spot cleaning and hand washing are always preferred. Do not machine dry.

      Cut & Sew : $75

      Fabric : $8 per yard x 2.5 = $20

                                Total Cost = $95

                                 $95 x 2.6 = $248.00

      The 2.6% markup covers photography, rent, business expenses. It is below industry standard which is typically 3% + markup.