Tie Dye Linen Suit : 2X One of a kind


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ONE OF A KIND. Hand Dyed by : Lydia Hudgens.

A classic tailored blazer with a relaxed fit, no closure, and bound seams. Cut and Sewn in New York City. This is in an easy to care for lightweight linen. Great piece for those on the West Coast and down South during cooler months. Great for transitional weather and warmer months in cooler states.

If you would like to have a custom size made or have any questions please email info@vincettastudio.com.

Fit of This Piece

Slightly oversized fit, drop shoulder. Wear cuffed or un-cuffed.

Email info@vincettastudio.com to consult on sizing/fit or check our size chart.

How To Care For This Piece

Hang, gently fold, or lay flat between wears. Give the garment 2-3 days of rest between each wear to increase its lifespan.This is a delicate item, so hand wash only if necessary and lay flat to dry. 

The Cost To Make This Piece

Cut & Sew : $115

Grading : $10

Fabric : $12 per yard x 6 = $72

Binding : $.50 per yard x 10 = $5.00

Hand Dyed : $25/hr x 3hrs = $75

Labels / Misc : $10

Total Cost = $212.00

$287.00 x 2.6 = $746.20 ------> rounded up to $750.00

This mark up is far below industry standard which is typically 3.5% and up.

Proceeds will go to Lydia with 20% commission going to Vincetta.

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